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New York is the new epicenter of the pandemic.

The United States already has the highest number of reported infections on the planet, with 160,000, and still can't seem to completely increase testing, implying that numerous cases are going undetected. As the loss of life ticked past 3,000 on Tuesday, the country was set to overwhelm that of China, where 3,305 individuals have apparently surrendered to the infection, in spite of the fact that the Chinese figures are going under expanding examination.

Mr. Trump has been inconsistent, as could be: first making light of the gravity of the pandemic, and then point blaming China for it, at that point pondering on and off about setting New York and neighboring states under quarantine. His administration played a blame game, despite having had months to prepare for it, they have more COVID-19 cases than China. He failed in handling the greatest crisis of his presidency

New York the financial capital of the world is stripped of its commerce. On March 29th New York reported 965 deaths and 59,513 confirmed cases, accounting for more than 40% of America’s cases and 7% of the world’s, with 72% of the cases reported in the last week. The 1.1m youngsters in the city's educational system, America's greatest, are at home. The number of individuals on New York's metros is down by 90%. Yellow cabs vanished from Manhattan's lanes.

The coming weeks speak to the greatest, most pressing trial of America's capacity to contain the harm of COVID-19. New York's distress is not only a trial to the general wellbeing approach but also to the political leadership in the federal, state and city governments. The emergency is being managed by three New Yorkers—Mr. Trump; Andrew Cuomo, New York's governor; and Bill de Blasio, the city's mayor—who show differing degrees of ability and minimal shared trust.

America's decentralized system, costly health services and meager security net will all make the pandemic reaction harder to manage. The vulnerability is high, however a conceivable situation—one-fifth of the populace becoming sick, and a 0.5% casualty rate—would prompt 327,000 deaths.

But Mr. Trump is busy making moves for re-election. He never misses an opportunity to promote himself, crisis or not. The card to the citizen in the mail is labeled “President Trump’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America.” It would have been far more appropriate to label it as “C.D.C. Guidelines,” both for accuracy and credibility. America has been the leader of free world. Now, under President Donald Trump,busy making itself great America is abandoning that terrain.

Sending help,On March 27th Mr Trump signed a $2trn stimulus bill and invoked rarely used powers to compel General Motors, a carmaker, to produce ventilators. The Army Corps of Engineers are building temporary hospitals. The city and state have asked retired and private health-care workers to help. Some 62,000 have volunteered so far. Mr Cuomo has ordered that public and private hospitals work as a single system, so staff and patients can be transferred as needed. Elmhurst will receive more resources, too. On March 27th Mr de Blasio tweeted that more ventilators and staff are on the way to the beleaguered hospital, which will become a covid-only facility and increase capacity by 50%,which may not be sufficient.But the storm will pass and in the new morning after 8 months the citizens of united states will elect the competent captain to lead the ship through the storms that future holds.

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