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The most vulnerable.

Africa's inevitable fight against the pandemic.

Africa has the most unequal societies with most people living amid of insurgency, malnutrition, droughts and diseases. The continent has been lucky so far because of it's few connections from effected countries but now the plague started spreading in the industrial parts of the continent. Lock down brings them hardships, hunger haunts them with daily wages of workers less than 2$.Most survive on the profits by selling goods in markets. Many informal settlements have no running water or basic amenities. Daily workers income will be ravaged by the lock downs but those ill governed countries have no other strategy to fight the pandemic.

In the event that we are worried about the inability to contain the infection in western Europe and the US, a bigger horror awaits in Aftica. With hardly any methods for clinical mediation, amid worrying factors like, ailing health, high populace densities, public living and absence of access to water and washing offices, the paces of mortality could predominate what has been seen so far in the west. And economically, the infection dangers pushing back the continent into dark age. There are no emergency funds, no improvement bundles, no protection payouts.

The continent is already struggling to feed it's ever growing population, a pandemic of this scale could disrupt supply chains, leaving hundreds if not thousands strave to death.

The underlying health of Africans may not help either. It is estimated that more than 25m Africans infected with hiv are at greater risk from covid-19. Some speculate that anti-retroviral drugs may help fight the new virus, though early studies suggest otherwise. Even if this were the case, notes Denis Chopera, a Durban-based virologist, only about 60% of South Africans with hiv regularly take their pills, as reported by The Economist.

The ill governed states in northern part and sub saharan region are the most vulnerable as they lack a organised government to coordinate the fight against the virus.

Governments may find it hard to persuading their residents to pay attention to the new infection. Fake news is their new enemy. Dodgy fixes and fear inspired notions are spreading on WhatsApp , which commonly have a greater number of users in Africa than somewhere else. In Congo the infection is viewed as a "mzungu" (white's) malady. A few Ethiopians consider their to be as blessed and protected.A fourth of Nigerians state they are resistant,as they are "an offspring of God". But the religion has only been a contributor to the cases.

Africa has some advantages to flatten the curve. It is a youthful land confronting an infection that for the most part slaughters the old. There are an expected 47m Africans over 65 and 6m over 80, out of a populace of 1.3bn. In Europe the figures are 143m and 40m out of 750m individuals. Africa has additionally had more opportunity to get ready. Governments have shut borders and confined air travel. Many have prohibited huge social gatherings. Most by far of kids are no longer at school. And the poor means of transport help in containing the contagion.

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